What to eat after wisdom tooth extraction

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Many people do not dare to eat because of the severe pain caused by the removal of wisdom teeth. Experts explain this. In fact, after wisdom teeth are pulled out, we can reduce the pain by eating. Now, let's learn what you can eat after wisdom tooth extraction.

What to eat after wisdom tooth extraction

2 to 4 hours after surgery, patients can eat cold food, because cold food can reduce the edema and pain that may appear after tooth extraction, and also can make blood vessels constrict, which is conducive to hemostasis. This is the reason why eating ice cream can relieve pain. In life also pay due attention to minimize the impact on the wound.

From 4 hours after operation to the next day, you can eat semi liquid diet and soft food, such as egg soup, soft steamed bread, rice porridge, boiled noodles, vegetable mud soup, etc. Do not eat meat, coarse things, because meat products, leeks, celery, hard rice and other things are easy to be embedded in the teeth, it is easy to stimulate the wound, is not conducive to healing, at the same time, eating these things will also cause toothache, so you should eat light, soft food as well. Food should be warm, not overheated, overheated food will cause vasodilation, causing tooth bleeding.

You can have something cool to stop bleeding. As the first 24 hours after tooth extraction, do not gargle as much as possible. On the first day after tooth extraction, you can eat porridge, milk, lotus root flour, rice flour, steamed eggs and so on. In this way, the food can come out of the wound easily. On the second day, it can be changed into semi liquid. Eat cake, soft noodles, light dishes, etc. do not eat bread or fire subsided food.

matters needing attention

Tooth extraction will lead to the formation of a wound in the mouth, eating is mainly to pay attention not to eat too stimulating, too hot food, try to eat light, do not eat too hot food.