How does nephritis cold have a fever to do? It should be controlled in time

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I'm thirty-six years old now, and I've been married to my wife for more than four years. But since I got married, my sexual desire is very low. Even if my wife seduces me, I can't arouse any interest. Later, I went to the hospital and found out that I was suffering from chronic nephritis, so I took drugs for treatment. But the next day, I suddenly got up in the morning and vomited all over Hot, high fever has been around 39 degrees, but I am a patient with chronic nephritis, and now there is a fever phenomenon, nephritis cold fever how to do with you to discuss.

How does nephritis cold have a fever to do? It should be controlled in time

First, the disease is due to long-term glomerular inflammation, the disease has a certain degree of deterioration, if not controlled, the disease will gradually develop into renal failure. And patients in different stages of the disease will also appear varying degrees of edema, urinary protein and other diseases.

Second: it is suggested that if patients are only in the state of moderate to low fever, physical cooling method should be adopted as far as possible to avoid taking medicine. But for patients with persistent high fever, they can take penicillin and other drugs to avoid taking aspirin and other drugs with nephrotoxin.

Third: Patients with chronic nephritis should also cooperate with doctors to actively control the signs of hypertension, and take hormone drugs to reduce the occurrence of urinary protein. If necessary, it can also be combined with the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, even if the kidney toxin is discharged from the body, it can effectively alleviate the disease.

matters needing attention

Patients in daily life should avoid fatigue, pay attention to rest, at the same time, regularly to the hospital for review, the doctor will according to the patient's disease in different periods, adjust the medication, avoid stopping medication without authorization, affect the recovery of the disease.