Can gastritis spleen stomach weakness eat Mai Zi Lin

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Take medicine or injection when you are sick. It seems to be our common sense method to treat diseases. But now we not only have food therapy, but also can effectively treat gastritis through healthy morning exercise. Therefore, in our life, we should pay attention to it. Now let's talk about gastritis, spleen and stomach weakness, can we eat Maizilin.

Can gastritis spleen stomach weakness eat Mai Zi Lin

Drug 1: gastritis, to the regular hospital to see a doctor, but also to find a professional doctor, and listen to the guidance of the doctor, actively cooperate with the doctor, so as to facilitate the rehabilitation of the disease. At the same time, we should maintain a good attitude, which can also play a certain role in the recovery of the disease.

Medicine 2: gastritis, we should exercise every day to make our body more healthy and resist diseases. At the same time, we should keep a good attitude, eat more soft and digestible food, drink more porridge and pasta, and do more outdoor sports. Don't eat anything raw or cold.

Drug 3: then we must eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, keep the body needs water, keep the body needs vitamins, we should drink more hot water. Let your body have a good recovery environment, so as to recover as soon as possible.

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I would also like to emphasize: long term mental stress will affect the autonomic nervous system through the cerebral cortex, causing gastric mucosal vasoconstriction, gastric dysfunction, excessive secretion of gastric acid and pepsin, leading to gastritis and ulcer. The incidence rate of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer was significantly higher in those with long term anxiety and depression.