How to treat acute otitis media?

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In daily life, there are often some people will suffer from acute otitis media, although it is not a big disease, but it will make people feel very painful if they must suffer from this disease, so everyone has to prevent acute otitis media by themselves. Acute otitis media usually occurs in children, and it is easy to attack in winter and spring. It's usually caused by what kind of bacteria. Some netizens asked how to treat acute otitis media. Now, let's talk about the treatment of otitis media.

How to treat acute otitis media?

First: in peacetime, if suffering from acute otitis media, it is necessary to treat in time, if not treated in time, it is likely to lead to people's tympanic membrane perforation, causing ear pus and even hearing loss. Patients with acute otitis media are often accompanied by ear pain, cold, cough and upper respiratory tract infection.

Second: in peacetime, many people do not pay attention to the protection of the ear, then people's hearing will be damaged. Suffering from acute otitis media can be treated with systemic treatment, as soon as possible with a large number of antibiotics to control infection, the general penicillin, if fever, then it is necessary to cool in time.

Third: if you go to the swimming pool in summer, you must pay attention to disinfection. After swimming, you must disinfect in time. Don't let pathogens enter people's bodies. Suffering from otitis media can also use local treatment. Before perforation, the ear can be dripped with phenol glycerin, and then the nose can be dripped with antibiotic nasal drops.

matters needing attention

In daily life, we must pay attention to the health of ourselves and our family. We should not easily ignore the health of children. We should know how to prevent acute otitis media when we are at home. Usually pay attention to personal hygiene, do not touch people's ears directly with hands.