How should cervical 2 degrees erosion be treated

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During this period of time, I felt special pain in my abdomen. Later, when I came to menstruation, the pain was even more severe. At the same time, there was blood in my urine. So I did a detailed examination to know that I got the second degree cervical erosion. How to treat the second degree cervical erosion? Let me tell you.

How should cervical 2 degrees erosion be treated

First: the area is relatively small and the infiltration is relatively shallow. For this area is relatively small, shallow infiltration can be drug treatment, when using drug treatment to be careful operation, so as not to cause damage to the surrounding vaginal wall, but also pay attention to the need for disinfection in the medication.

Second: the larger the area, the deeper the surgical treatment. For more serious cervical erosion, surgical treatment is recommended, mainly conization or total hysterectomy. General surgical treatment to patients with pain is relatively large, the damage to the patient's body is also very large.

Third: choose physical therapy for those with deep decay and large area. Physical therapy generally uses electric ironing, freezing, laser and other methods, these methods cause less damage to patients, the effect of treatment is more significant, for female patients with fertility requirements, it is a good choice at present

matters needing attention

Usually we must pay attention to the diet, do not eat spicy food. Don't touch each other with pungent smell. Appropriate outdoor aerobic breathing exercise. Also eat more vitamin rich food, fresh fruits and vegetables. Enhance the resistance against bacteria.