Matters needing attention after laser treatment of birthmark

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There are red birthmarks at birth. Because I really want to be optimistic about birthmarks, I have gone to many places and now it seems to be controlled by laser. Let me talk about the precautions after laser treatment of birthmarks.

Matters needing attention after laser treatment of birthmark

First: potatoes: contain a lot of starch, other protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, carotene, vitamin C and so on. Its nature is sweet, pungent and cold. It has the same effect of clearing away heat and toxin and anti-inflammatory fat. But when germinating or potato skin turns green, it contains more toxic solanine and cannot be eaten. Rape: contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins. It is pungent, warm and non-toxic in nature. It has the functions of clearing away heat and toxin, promoting blood circulation and detumescence, clearing lung and improving eyesight. But pregnant women, support, peptic ulcer and allergic patients should not eat.

Second: animal experiments have found that dietary supplementation of cod liver oil is beneficial to both the cardiovascular system and the immune system; psoriasis is an immune disease with different degrees of microvascular and lipid metabolism abnormalities, so it can be inferred that fish oil and cod liver oil can have a certain therapeutic effect. If patients don't like fish, they can eat some fish oil or cod liver oil.

Third: carambola: carambola fresh food has the functions of clearing away heat, generating fluid, diuresis and detoxification. Toothache, sore mouth, eat a few carambola can receive good results. Fig: in addition to raw food, fig can also be processed into dried fruit, candied fruit, canned fruit, etc. Both dried and fresh figs can be used as medicine. Sore throat, eat a few will reduce the pain, quickly recover. When the lung is hot and the voice is hoarse, taking rock sugar and water frying fig can remove fire and eliminate hoarseness.

matters needing attention

Many people always think that we should not pay attention to anything in winter, in fact, this is because we do not understand enough. Generally easy to relapse in winter, we must pay more attention to diet. Go to eat some vitamin food, eat less spicy food, pay attention to maintenance.