What reason is cough without reason?

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Cough without reason is actually to find a lot of reasons have not been found, cough is actually the body to remove secretions or foreign bodies in the respiratory tract of protective respiratory reflex action. Although it has its advantages, but severe long-term cough can lead to respiratory tract bleeding. So what are the causes of cough symptoms? Now let me explain for you.

What reason is cough without reason?

Upper respiratory tract infection. After suffering from upper respiratory tract infection, people's body will cough. The main reason for the disease is that the virus enters the human body and causes inflammation of upper respiratory tract mucosa. After suffering from upper respiratory tract infection, people's body will cough. Of course, if some people cough for no reason, it may be caused by upper respiratory tract infection.

bronchitis. Most of the upper respiratory tract infection spread from the body will cause bronchitis, bronchitis after the body will appear dry cough, followed by cough, expectoration and other discomfort, serious when the patient will appear hypoxia, lips turn blue purple, etc., at this time in order to alleviate the symptoms should pay attention to treatment.

Pneumonia. Most of them are caused by bronchopneumonia, such as dry cough, shortness of breath, cyanosis of lips and flapping of nasal wings. Some children have a fever to 39 ℃, which is also the cause of inexplicable cough.

matters needing attention

Psychological factors such as tension, anger, etc. can indicate coughing, which is usually induced by cortical and vagus reflex or hyperventilation. Lung function before and after exercise can be found that bronchospasm can cause cough, usually exercise should pay more attention.