How does the ache after lung cancer operation do

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My father always loves smoking. Later, he had cough and lung pain. When he went to the hospital for examination, he found that it was lung cancer. The doctor suggested that the operation should be carried out quickly, but he felt very painful after the operation. Let's see what to do with the pain after the operation of lung cancer.

How does the ache after lung cancer operation do

First, this is the sequela of the operation. In view of this situation, some analgesic drugs can be given to temporarily relieve the symptoms.

Second, lung cancer patients in the operation of pain, is one of the sequelae of surgery, mainly caused by muscle regeneration, but do not rule out the patient after surgery and then recurrence.

Third, lung cancer recurrence is often accompanied by metastasis, compared with the general cancer, metastatic cancer will appear metastasis site discomfort symptoms. For example, brain metastases of lung cancer will appear visual impairment, tinnitus, deafness, unilateral limb paresthesia or weakness, headache, vomiting and other symptoms; bone metastases: bone pain, low back pain, lower limb pain or shoulder pain; liver metastases: hepatomegaly, liver pain, loss of appetite, abdominal distension, etc.

matters needing attention

Most patients with lung cancer will have residual lesions after operation, which is easy to lead to recurrence, and tumor deterioration will cause pain. Therefore, it is suggested that patients should pay attention to preventive measures after operation. In addition to regular review, it is also suggested that patients should apply biological selenium to regulate their body after operation.