What symptom does spermatozoon allergy have?

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Sperm hypersensitivity, most occur in the same room after a few hours. Because semen contains more than 10 kinds of antigen substances, individual men semen antigen material antigenicity is particularly strong. These heterosexual proteins, for the vast majority of women will not become allergens, but for the bride with hypersensitivity quality will make them allergic reaction, so what are the symptoms of sperm allergy? Let's talk about it.

What symptom does spermatozoon allergy have?

There are some allergic symptoms and signs, such as pudendal pruritus, rash, vulvar edema, increased secretion, etc. in severe cases, there may also be allergic symptoms affecting the whole body, such as eyelid, lip swelling, skin examination, itching, even chest tightness, dyspnea and severe cough

Its symptoms are local symptoms of vaginal itching, burning pain, vulvar edema, swelling and urticaria like skin rash, severe cases will appear accompanied by lumbar spasm to systemic nerve spasm. The general symptoms were pruritus, dyspnea, asthma, abdominal pain, vomiting and wandering joint pain.

Sperm allergy is generally easy to judge, as long as there is sexual life, semen ejaculated into the vagina soon, there will be local systemic symptoms of allergy, in order to avoid the impact of sperm allergy, we should pay attention to do a good job in anti allergy work, we can take some effective measures to prevent allergy.

matters needing attention

Female sperm allergy phenomenon, should be targeted treatment, can choose drug treatment, under the guidance of the doctor oral some anti allergic drugs, effective treatment, in the sex life, must wait until the allergic symptoms completely eliminated before they can rooming, so as not to aggravate the disease.