Everyone's constitution is different, self regulation of insomnia

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This disease may happen to you and me. Recently, my mother's insomnia is getting worse and worse. My mother's physical condition is very poor, and I often feel dizzy recently. I always thought that my mother's dizziness was caused by anemia. It turned out that my mother didn't sleep in recent nights. Later, I learned that my mother had insomnia, so I checked some information on the Internet, Hope to help their mother can alleviate insomnia, so insomnia self-regulation method in the end is what kind of person? Come with me and share some of my ideas.

Everyone's constitution is different, self regulation of insomnia

First: insomnia is a disease that needs self-regulation. First of all, we should have a good habit of regular sleep. Besides, we should not sleep too late at weekends. Besides, we must not smoke and drink frequently before going to bed, and we must keep the air circulation in the room to prevent harmful gases in the room.

Second: through self-regulation of insomnia, we can comfort ourselves psychologically. We can often relax ourselves before sleep. We can do some yoga exercises, which can help us better regulate our breathing and relax our muscles to achieve hypnotic effect.

Third: to self-regulation insomnia, patients can often eat some heart nourishing food before going to bed, and before going to bed must let the body and mind relax, can go for a walk outdoors, can take a bath before going to bed, are able to better play a role in relieving nerve, can help sleep.

matters needing attention

Insomnia this situation is now more common, so it is recommended that patients in the daytime when appropriate for some physical exercise, help to sleep at night, now a lot of patients are due to lack of exercise, so prone to insomnia at night.