What does esophagus cancer have loose bowels to eat good

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For a while, I just can't eat. A year ago was found to be esophageal cancer, and then has been relying on medication to alleviate, recently always nosebleed, and dysphagia to the hospital for examination, that is, advanced esophageal cancer, is immediately hospitalized, and now the condition has been controlled, for esophageal cancer diarrhea what to eat? Do you know anything about this? Now let's talk about what to eat for esophageal cancer with diarrhea.

What does esophagus cancer have loose bowels to eat good

Diet 1: the diet of patients with esophageal cancer should pay attention to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as green, yellow, lemon, asparagus, almond dew, water chestnut, red jujube, garlic, red vegetables and Auricularia auricula. They are anti-cancer substances, which can block the generation of cancer cells. They need to cooperate with traditional Chinese medicine consolidation treatment in time, which has the possibility of rehabilitation.

Diet 2: Patients with esophageal cancer should eat high protein, high fiber high nutrition food, high protein food such as milk, eggs, fish, meat, poultry, bean products, high fiber food such as animal liver, carrot, tomato, lemon, fruit, especially have anti-cancer effect such as carrot, mushroom, fungus, beans, ergot, day lily, asparagus You can eat more of them.

Diet 3: experiments have proved that moldy food is one of the important causes of esophageal cancer. In daily life, if steamed bread, bread and other food mildew, absolutely can not eat. The stored grain is often dried to avoid mildew.

matters needing attention

The nutrition intake of patients with esophageal cancer should be guaranteed before operation. Those who can take it orally should be guided to take a liquid or semi liquid diet with high calorie, high protein and rich vitamins. Observe the feeding reaction. If the patient feels the esophageal mucosa tingling, he can be given light food without stimulation. If it is not easy to eat hard food, he can eat semi liquid or soft food with more water. If the patient can only eat liquid or can not eat for a long time and the nutritional status is poor, they can supplement liquid and electrolyte or provide enteral and parenteral nutrition according to the doctor's advice.