What are the functions of antlers

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Antler is a kind of precious medicinal material, and it is also a good tonic. I have learned about antler before. Now I will share with you the efficacy and function I know.

What are the functions of antlers

The antler can enhance the tension of the parasympathetic nerve endings, promote the recovery of the nervous system and improve the function of the nervous and muscular systems. At the same time, it can also excite the sympathetic nerve.

Second, the impact on the cardiovascular system. Large dose of antler can reduce blood pressure, reduce the amplitude of cardiac contraction, slow down the heart rate and dilate peripheral blood vessels. The results showed that the moderate dose could significantly enhance the cardiac contraction, increase the contraction amplitude, accelerate the heart rate, and increase the cardiac output; Antler had a significant effect on the tired heart.

Effect 3. Effect on sexual function antler extract can increase the concentration of plasma testosterone and luteinizing hormone (LH). Therefore, antlers are effective in the treatment of puberty sexual dysfunction and senile prostatic atrophy; they are effective in the treatment of female climacteric disorders, especially for male impotence and improvement of sexual function.

matters needing attention

Although antler is a good tonic, it is not suitable to eat too much, otherwise it will cause the body to catch fire, which is harmful to the body.