How does halitosis return a responsibility during menstruation?

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Halitosis is a disease that not only makes you feel uncomfortable, but also affects others. Severe halitosis brings great psychological pressure to patients. So, how does halitosis return a responsibility during menstruation?? Now let's take a look.

How does halitosis return a responsibility during menstruation?

First: oral problems: the rise of false fire and oral inflammation cause bad breath; the long-term uncleanness of the oral cavity leads to the proliferation of bacteria, which will lead to bad breath; in addition, people with dental caries, gingivitis, periodontitis, oral mucositis, tooth decay, periodontal disease and other oral diseases are also prone to bad breath.

Second: Patients with other diseases of the body: for example, patients with kidney disease, severe diabetes, tracheitis, lung disease, etc. will also smell in the mouth.

Third: bad habits: long term smoking, drinking and special food, such as leeks, stinky tofu, garlic and so on, are also prone to halitosis.

matters needing attention

Many patients with mild halitosis think that smoking, drinking, eating hot food, inevitably do not produce bad breath, no harm to the body. Even some patients with severe halitosis think that they can't smell halitosis anyway, so it's OK to eat and sleep, but they don't know that halitosis is a reflection of the decline of gastrointestinal function and endocrine disorders. It's harmful to the body if they don't treat it.