Masturbation too much impotence how to do

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In the sexual life of men and women, there should be some people who have bad habits, such as masturbation, but people don't know that masturbation can lead to a series of diseases, such as frequent masturbation may lead to impotence, affect the sexual life of couples, the following will provide you with some solutions to frequent masturbation leading to impotence.

Masturbation too much impotence how to do

Method 1: frequent masturbation leads to impotence, impotence will occur premature ejaculation, treatment should be tonifying kidney, tonifying essence and strengthening kidney, can take Jinsuo Gujing pill and Wuzi Yanzong pill treatment, or Chinese medicine conditioning, with acupuncture.

Method 2: for masturbation caused by impotence can also use drug treatment method, in the glans daub anesthetics, such as 1% Dyclonine ointment, 1-2% dicaine hydrochloride solution, 3% ethyl aminobenzoate cold cream, before 5-10 minutes daub, can only daub glans tip, can effectively relieve impotence symptoms.

Method 3: to change the bad habit of masturbation, we need to pay attention to moderation, reasonable nutritional diet and regular living habits, and at the same time, we need to strengthen physical exercise.

matters needing attention

Frequent masturbation can lead to impotence. To change this situation, we need to get rid of the bad habit of masturbation. In addition, we need to cooperate with drugs for treatment.