What symptom is body odor

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The appearance of body odor will have a great impact on the life of patients, and even affect making friends. One of the most obvious characteristics of body odor is peculiar smell, which will cause great embarrassment to daily life. So what are the symptoms of early body odor? Here is a detailed introduction to the symptoms of body odor.

What symptom is body odor

Symptom 1: body odor is actually hereditary. If both parents are sick, the child has an 80% chance of inheriting it. Moreover, the disease is related to race. In Europe, America and other Westerners, 80% of them are sick, while in the East, about 10% of them are less. And women are more than men, white and black people are more than yellow people.

Symptom 2: the symptoms of body odor are particularly obvious in summer. The patients wear less clothes and sweat more, which makes the smell of sweat spread quickly. After the activity, the patient's symptoms were obvious. Apocrine glands are located in armpit, vulva and other parts. The secreted sweat contains lipids and other substances, which produce unpleasant smell under bacterial decomposition.

Symptom 3: body odor is usually manifested in the armpit, located in the plantar, toe and rub between parts of the sweat glands, hidrosis can also cause body odor. Got body odor early performance for sweat secretion of sweat glands, when flowing through the body surface, excessive sweat will infiltrate the cuticle of the skin, resulting in a bad smell.

matters needing attention

Wipe armpits with alcohol, white vinegar or Hamamelis instead of deodorant. Try to use crystals from rock mineral salt alum instead of deodorant. Lower arm odor can be eliminated by apple vinegar, apple vinegar can be used instead of deodorant