What's the reason for Auntie's being 10 days late

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Now many women may have the phenomenon of menstruation delay, in fact, menstruation delay may be the precursor of gynecological inflammation, so we need to pay attention to, menstruation according to normal, should be once a month, and the number should be almost the same, so if menstruation delayed for ten days, what are the reasons.

What's the reason for Auntie's being 10 days late

Reason 1: if some women are pregnant, it will lead to the delay of the regular leave, and some of them are accidental pregnancies. After going to the hospital for surgery, it will have an impact on the regular leave. This thing also varies from person to person, so there will be differences in the time.

Reason 2: some women often do not live on time, often lead to cold during menstruation, and then lead to pelvic bleeding, vasoconstriction, it is easy to cause menstruation time is too short, and even some people will appear amenorrhea phenomenon, so during menstruation or need to do a good job in cold keeping measures.

Reason 3: some of the reasons for postponing are also related to the emotional excitement of female friends. They have to be responsible for a lot of things every day. They have to bear huge pressure, or they often get sulky and so on, which are easy to cause menstrual disorders. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a good attitude.

matters needing attention

Postponing menstruation is also a kind of disease, so we need to take good care of our body, eat more good food and have a good rest.