Can genital herpes be delivered naturally

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My wife was pregnant in July. She was positive for genital herpes spirochete, but I didn't. She took penicillin for a period of time, but it didn't work. For so many years, she didn't have any symptoms. She was in good health, never took medicine or caught a cold, 12. Regular check-up. But through treatment, the condition has been controlled to a certain extent. For the problem of whether genital herpes can be delivered naturally, let me tell you.

Can genital herpes be delivered naturally

First of all: suffering from genital herpes, do not worry, in the treatment process of genital herpes, patients should prohibit sexual activity. During the onset, patients must absolutely prohibit active patients from having sex with anyone. The use of condom can be considered when herpes subsides in asymptomatic period, but it can not completely prevent the continuous spread of the virus.

Second: genital herpes is very easy to relapse, in order to reduce the pain of the disease to the body, but also in order to prevent recurrence, also need to do local care. As the disease can also cause local damage, patients should keep clean and dry to prevent secondary infection. When the glans prepuce herpes is active, it can be fixed with T-belt to prevent it from being broken by friction when walking. Those who have been broken and eroded should be less active. Local cleaning should be paid attention to after defecation to prevent infection.

In addition to patients with genital herpes psychological care should also pay attention to the above: to maintain peace of mind. Through long-term observation, it is found that the disease can occur repeatedly, and the pain is intolerable. It is easy to cause anxiety, irritability and fear of patients. We should give patient comfort and pay attention to mental nursing.

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Genital herpes is a severe venereal disease, but also a relatively easy to infect venereal disease. And it's contagious. So after suffering from genital herpes to timely treatment, otherwise the body is also a kind of harm.