What does prostate hyperplasia symptom harm have

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Recently, I don't know what's going on. I always feel frequent urination, urgency and endless urination. My body is very uncomfortable. Sometimes my lower abdomen is especially swollen. The physical examination in the hospital also shows that there is prostate hyperplasia. Now let me talk about the harm of symptoms of prostate hyperplasia.

What does prostate hyperplasia symptom harm have

First, BPH can lead to kidney damage and even uremia. This is because the hyperplasia of the prostate gland compression urethra, bladder need to force contraction, in order to overcome the resistance of urine out of the body. Over time, the bladder muscles become thick. If the pressure of the bladder can not be relieved for a long time, the residual urine in the bladder will gradually increase, and the bladder muscle will be ischemic and anoxic, and there will be no tension, and the bladder cavity will expand. Finally, the urine in the bladder will pour back to the ureter and pelvis, causing hydronephrosis and uremia in severe cases.

Second, BPH may induce hernia (intestinal Qi) and other diseases in the elderly. Some patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia will have dysuria symptoms, need to force and suffocate to urinate. Due to frequent exertion, the intestines will protrude from the weak part of the abdomen, forming hernia (small intestinal Qi), and sometimes patients will have hemorrhoids and varicose veins of lower limbs.

Third: causing infection. A pool of stagnant water is often seen in a patient's condition, but the residual urine in the bladder is like a stagnant water. Once the bacteria propagate, it will cause * uncontrollable infection. In the case of urinary tract patency, the bladder generally will not grow stones. Even if stones fall from the ureter into the bladder, they can be excreted with urine. Older people with BPH are different.

matters needing attention

Male friends, especially the elderly, should pay more attention to the occurrence of prostate disease, which is more painful for patients, so it should be noted that in terms of diet, we need to consult the relevant doctors, and strengthen exercise to improve their immunity.