What's the matter with the pubic lice?

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The couple next door have been married for several years, and they have always been in a good relationship. However, recently, they have been quarreling with each other for some reason. Even when they are about to divorce, the neighbors don't know what's going on and try to persuade each other. Later, they know that the man doesn't know why he got pubic lice, and then the woman thinks that the man must be cheating, Otherwise, how could she get into trouble with pubic lice? You should know that it's a sexually transmitted disease, but the woman is too arbitrary. She only knows one thing, but she doesn't know the other. Later, with the help of others, she calmed down the storm. Let's take a look at the following.

What's the matter with the pubic lice?

First: pubic lice disease is a sexually transmitted disease, which is right, but it is not the only way of transmission of pubic lice disease, only one of them. There are two other ways of transmission, one is direct contact infection, the other is indirect contact infection, so universal knowledge is very important.

Second: for pubic lice disease can be prevented, usually pay attention to maintain good health habits, self-care, go to some public places to do personal hygiene, do not share sanitary ware with others, do not use some underwear and other sensitive supplies in health places, can be effective prevention.

Third: pubic lice disease is transmitted by a kind of pubic lice, that is to say, in daily life or other aspects, as long as you come into contact with this kind of insect or insect eggs, and then these insect eggs reproduce and reproduce on your own body, it will form pubic lice disease, so you have to go to the hospital in time for diagnosis and treatment.

matters needing attention

Pay attention to have good personal hygiene habits, improve the awareness of hygiene, popularize all aspects of knowledge, and is not promiscuous, underwear should be regularly disinfected, these are more conducive to the prevention of pubic lice disease measures.