What is the cause of skin redness

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In modern society, people pay more attention to their health. If our skin has itching symptoms, it sometimes has red spots and red lumps after scratching. Usually, this is caused by the existence of some disease. Therefore, for the treatment of skin itching, red spots or red lumps, please see the content analysis below.

What is the cause of skin redness

First: urticaria is an allergic disease, the whole body large red flat pimples, itching uncomfortable, attack fast, more scratch more itch, back without leaving traces as the characteristics. Cetirizine or loratadine can be taken orally, calamine lotion or zinc oxide lotion can achieve good curative effect.

Second: skin itching is considered to have dermatitis. At this time, it's better to go to the hospital for corresponding examination to exclude whether it is caused by local infection of fungi, and external application of levofloxacin cream, oral administration of Loratadine Tablets, or bathing with boiling water of traditional Chinese medicine.

Third: do not rule out skin scratch urticaria, oral cyproheptadine, chlorpheniramine and other antihistamine drugs, combined with some immunomodulators treatment, can achieve certain curative effect.

matters needing attention

In the skin itching a scratch from the red spot or red block processing method to understand clearly, patients should also pay attention to avoid eating chili and other stimulating food in the diet.