How does acuteness wet wart produce

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In life, people always hear such and such diseases, each disease brings harm to human health, condyloma acuminatum is like this, condyloma acuminatum prone population is generally young people, this disease has an incubation period, leading to many patients are not found in time, the following to understand how to produce condyloma acuminatum.

How does acuteness wet wart produce

First: we all know that the most common cause of sexually transmitted diseases is unclean sexual intercourse. So dirty sex is the main cause of condyloma acuminatum infection. Male condyloma acuminatum is almost caused by sexual contact. Condyloma acuminatum patients are the main source of infection, spread fast, high infection rate, usually in about 3 weeks after infection.

Second: some patients can be infected indirectly by the items they have contacted, such as underwear, bathtub, bath towel, bedpan, etc. It can also be transmitted by flying behavior in the family. Scratching pudenda with contaminated hands or using contaminated towels can also cause infection of condyloma acuminatum. The cause of infection is not to pay attention to pudendal hygiene or absorption before defecation.

Third: in addition to the above two common causes of condyloma acuminatum, traumatic infection may also lead to the onset of condyloma acuminatum. The papillomavirus of condyloma acuminatum can invade the body through small ruptured wounds on the skin or mucous membrane. After several days of incubation, the pathogen will begin to develop when it has multiplied to a sufficient number.

matters needing attention

Warm tips: These are some common things in life, as long as you pay more attention, I believe that the patient's own condyloma acuminatum will not be serious, and the most important point is to abstain from alcohol, alcohol will directly affect the body's immune function, resulting in a variety of diseases, so to have a healthy and perfect body, we must abstain from alcohol.