How long can advanced gastric cancer live

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My Uncle Zhang is a businessman. He usually does business in the south. I heard from my father that he suddenly came back a few days ago and would not normally come back at this time. Later I learned that he had gastric cancer. Patients with this disease should be treated as soon as possible. Now I will tell you about how long advanced gastric cancer can live.

How long can advanced gastric cancer live

First of all: Patients with advanced gastric cancer can survive how long, everyone's situation is different, how long can live is not the same. For the treatment of cancer, there are drug treatment, surgical treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, as well as traditional Chinese medicine conditioning treatment. Patients should choose the right treatment according to their own symptoms. At present, the commonly used treatment methods are surgery and chemoradiotherapy. Patients need to be clear that no matter what way, the treatment effect is limited.

Second: the so-called therapeutic effect here is limited, patients can reduce symptoms, ensure the quality of life, while not life-threatening. However, it is impossible to cure all diseases. Therefore, for cancer patients, the disease is not terrible, terrible is that they can not take a good look at the disease, because it can not be cured and lead to a heavy psychological burden.

Finally: we all know that cancer is a very difficult disease to cure, especially advanced cancer. If there is a treatment that can relieve symptoms and inhibit the spread of cancer cells, even better treatment effect can be achieved. Therefore, as long as the treatment is effective, patients should ensure a good attitude, actively cooperate with the treatment, and do a good job in lifestyle conditioning.

matters needing attention

For patients with gastric cancer, we should have a positive and optimistic attitude towards the treatment of this disease, actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment, eat more food that is good for the body in the diet, and usually suggest to supplement high protein diet, such as milk, soybean, lean meat, pig's feet, sea cucumber, fish, animal liver and jujube, peanut, walnut, black fungus, carrot, red fungus Xiaodou, etc. Patients should also maintain a good attitude and enhance their own immunity.