What reason is menstruation amount sometimes little

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Menstruation is very important for women, so women are always concerned about menstruation. For example, during menstruation, the feeling of severe menstrual pain, there is menstrual disorders. And what we want to understand today is the reason for less menstruation. Don't think less menstruation doesn't matter, even think less is a big benefit to yourself, at least reduce your burden, as long as menstruation comes, there is no big problem. To know that menstruation is related to our own physical condition, it can not be ignored. Let's take a look at the following.

What reason is menstruation amount sometimes little

First: first of all, the amount of menstruation suddenly less may be due to their own congenital factors, because their uterus dysplasia, not long, so only less menstrual mucosa fall. There is also a number of people, leading to thin uterine mucosa, the final formation of intrauterine adhesion, which may lead to menopause or less menstruation.

Second: there is irregular work and rest of life, like to stay up late, or irregular diet, more irritable, love angry. This may also lead to a sudden decrease in menstruation. There is also the use of some drugs leading to less menstruation. You don't have to worry too much about things like this.

Third: another reason is that inflammation destroys the endometrium, which forms scar after healing, and finally becomes empyema in the uterine cavity, thus reducing menstruation. I think these reasons are not small problems. Once you find that your menstruation is abnormal, you should go to the hospital for examination. Don't think it's just a small matter.

matters needing attention

We should take precautions against everything, not to mention menstruation and uterus is particularly important for us women, so if there is a problem, we should go to the hospital for examination. If there is a problem, we should cooperate with the doctor for examination.