Where to treat balanitis

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I also had balanitis before. At first, my balanitis itched for a few days, and I had urethral lipstick for two days. Later, I took some oral medicine. Now it doesn't itch or hurt, and my balanitis looks normal. For patients with this disease should be treated as soon as possible, I will tell you about where to treat balanitis.

Where to treat balanitis

The first is: glans penis inflammation is the incidence rate of foreskin disease. Almost all patients have phimosis or redundant prepuce. Between the foreskin and the overlong prepuce, a warm and moist bacterial culture medium is formed due to the exfoliated epithelial cells, gland secretion and the pycnobacillus. Once the bacteria enter, it can cause inflammation.

Second: glans inflammation should pay attention to external genital hygiene. Young men's prepuce sebaceous gland secretion is often more vigorous, if you do not pay attention to frequent cleaning, prepuce sebaceous gland secretion of liquid will accumulate under the prepuce, the formation of bean curd residue like prepuce scale. Prepuce scale is a good culture base for bacteria. If it is not removed in time, it will cause bacterial infection.

Third: balanopostitis need foreskin operation. Prepuce surgery is to remove the redundant prepuce. The redundant prepuce often affects the sexual life between husband and wife. Because the redundant prepuce covers the most sensitive part of the male, the glans penis, which makes it impossible to get strong stimulation in the process of sexual intercourse, resulting in the disharmony of sexual life. At present, the best solution is surgery.

matters needing attention

First of all, we should pay attention to hygiene in our life, and do not breed bacteria. If balanitis is lighter, do not use water in the case of regular cleaning. If it's serious, it's recommended to have circumcision. In our diet, we should focus on light food, eat more nutritious food with vitamins, and eat more fruits and vegetables, such as cabbage, laver, Dutch beans, mushrooms, rape and so on.