Double eyelid price

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My classmate did the double eyelid cosmetology two years ago, but the effect is not good. I heard that it's best to take fat when doing double eyelid cosmetology, so it looks more natural, but she has already done it, and now she goes to repair it, the effect is very good. For the price of double eyelid? Do you know anything about this? Now let's talk about the price of double eyelid surgery.

Double eyelid price

The first factor affecting the price is that the price is related to the choice of surgical method. The angle surgery can choose the cross cut angle surgery, Z-shaped angle surgery and V or L-shaped redundant skin resection. Different surgical methods need different opening angle prices.

The second factor affecting the price is related to the level of doctors. The requirements of open angle surgery for doctors are relatively high, surgeons should be familiar with eyelid anatomy, and have a solid foundation of plastic surgery and good aesthetic ability. The level of professional doctors will make the operation cost higher, but it is the guarantee of effect and safety.

The third factor affecting the price: the price of different hospitals is different, and there will be many differences due to different hospitals. We all know that the equipment and technology of ordinary small clinics and large plastic surgery hospitals are very different, so the amount of money for eye opening in different hospitals is not the same.

matters needing attention

The width of the double eyelid is moderate, and the double eyelid line is natural and smooth; the eyelid from the double eyelid line to the eyelid edge is thin and flat, and there is no hypertrophy; the two sides are basically symmetrical, and the shape is natural and beautiful, and there is no obvious artificial trace.