What symptom does pregnant leak classics have

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In addition to the normal production, there will be a lot of lochia, at this time, the vagina will have a period of time of blood sample secretion, there will be no special symptoms, but in addition to production, there is also the menstrual cycle, vaginal bleeding is also a normal phenomenon, but these times that there will be abnormal bleeding, that is, the amount of vaginal bleeding is also different The amount of bleeding caused by gynecological inflammation is less, but sometimes there is a sudden collapse and metrorrhagia. Let's take a look at the symptoms of metrorrhagia.

What symptom does pregnant leak classics have

First: metrorrhagia is actually a case of vaginal bleeding when a woman is not menstruating. At this time, vaginal bleeding is the main symptom, the bleeding situation is more urgent, when the amount of bleeding is more collapse; less bleeding or dripping constantly called leakage. Some gynecological inflammation, genital inflammation can cause metrorrhagia.

Second: the metrorrhagia in life is more urgent, sometimes metrorrhagia and blood loss is particularly large, such bleeding situation is particularly large, there will be symptoms of anemia, at this time, the face caused by anemia is white, no blood color, lips are white, also accompanied by dizziness, insomnia will often appear.

Third: metrorrhagia may cause physical weakness, because the onset of metrorrhagia is urgent, and it comes fast. In addition, if the amount of bleeding is large or the blood does not stop for a period of time, there may be symptoms of collapse. At this time, there will be no spirit, the body is tired and unwilling to move, and there will be cold hands and feet, especially sweating.

matters needing attention

Metrorrhagia is not because of the large amount of blood during menstruation, not only menstrual bleeding, but also in the menstrual metrorrhagia, so at this time anemia symptoms are certain, so in addition to the treatment of metrorrhagia, but also pay attention to the usual diet, also pay attention to timely supplement nutrition.