What is the clinical manifestation of epilepsy in children

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Our child's sheep madness has been nearly a year, because it was found early, so the condition is not very serious, every time it is a small attack, during the period of taking medicine has been well controlled, the number of attacks has become less and less. Today, let me talk about the clinical manifestations of epilepsy in children.

What is the clinical manifestation of epilepsy in children

Symptom 1: epilepsy in children is the most common benign partial epilepsy in childhood. It has obvious genetic tendency. It usually occurs between 2 and 14 years old. The peak is around 9 years old. It will be relieved or disappeared before 16 years old. The prognosis is good. The early symptoms of epilepsy in children are characterized by transient generalized myoclonic seizures without other types of seizures.

Symptom 2: there are many early symptoms of epilepsy in children. Children have tremor, chin shaking, nodding, shaking head, shoulder shaking, or arm shaking during sleep. On the one hand, the clinical manifestations of these children are not like epilepsy. The convulsions of epilepsy are regular, which can be identified according to the clinical and EEG characteristics of epilepsy.

Symptom 3: the main symptoms of epilepsy are sudden loss of consciousness, falling to the ground, head backward, diaphragmatic spasm, roaring, limbs twitching, foaming at the mouth, blue complexion, eyes upturned, sometimes accompanied by incontinence, unable to recall the attack process after the attack, general pain and fatigue.

matters needing attention

Suffering from epilepsy in children need to pay attention to the daily diet, which can effectively help the recovery of epilepsy, of course, some food for children with epilepsy is not suitable for reference, only to understand the diet precautions of children with epilepsy in order to take good care of children.