Symptoms of hernia

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Hernia means that a part of human tissue or organ leaves the original part and enters another part through the gap, defect or weak part of human body. It is commonly known as "small bowel Qi". Hernia protruding from umbilicus is called umbilical hernia. Clinically, there are two kinds of umbilical hernia: infant umbilical hernia and adult umbilical hernia. Symptoms of hernia? Let's talk about it

Symptoms of hernia

There is a walnut size tumor protruding from the umbilicus of the child, which is spherical or hemispherical in appearance, with a small scar on the top and soft to the touch.

The tumor is characterized by reducibility. During the day, when the child is running and jumping, the tumor will grow from small to large, but there is no obvious pain. At night, the tumor will shrink or return to the abdominal cavity, accompanied by bowel sounds. After the tumor shrinks or returns, there are local loose skin folds.

But in crying, exercise, coughing, defecation and other situations, the tumor became particularly large, felt more solid, abdominal pain increased, and vomiting, abdominal distension, defecation stopped. When the baby cries, the abdominal pressure increases, the change is more obvious, and the skin becomes thinner.

matters needing attention

We must pay more attention. We must not work too hard. This may accelerate the deterioration of hernia and eventually lead to unexpected results. Try not to do physical work at home or at work.