Where to treat advanced gastric cancer the most professional

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The incidence rate of gastric cancer is relatively high at present, and there are many treatments for this disease. All hospitals have given good treatment for this situation. Therefore, when choosing a hospital, you can choose the one suitable for your condition, so how to treat advanced gastric cancer better needs to be understood.

Where to treat advanced gastric cancer the most professional

First, if you get gastric cancer, you must go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible. Don't delay the illness. Early and mid-term gastric cancer can be treated well. It's difficult to treat in late stage, but please don't give up. Advanced gastric cancer can be controlled by effective methods, and good results can be achieved.

Second, in the case of gastric cancer, if there is no metastasis, surgery should be carried out first, and chemotherapy should be done after surgery, because surgery only removes the focus. At this time, there are still cancer cells in the body, but the side effects of chemotherapy are relatively large. If chemotherapy is to be carried out, it is better to combine traditional Chinese medicine to consolidate the treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine is relatively peaceful, No side effects, generally acceptable, and cancer patients generally take traditional Chinese medicine, most can do to alleviate the pain.

Third, if it is early gastric cancer, then there is generally no spread, first consider surgical treatment. In the middle and late stage of gastric cancer, Kwai lung cancer will spread. It is recommended that patients should be treated as soon as possible without the premise of diffusion. The earlier the operation, the better the treatment. Late, then you need to do surgery immediately, which can help quickly control the disease, but it depends on your personal wishes.

matters needing attention

Patients with advanced gastric cancer should pay attention to diet control, don't put too much pressure on themselves, relax more, go out more, and don't often hold back at home. This is not any help to the disease, and do not take everything to heart.