What are the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome

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I've been taking medicine because of my kidney disease. When taking the medicine, it will be better, but a few days after the medicine stopped, the disease began to recur. In order to prevent you from the same disease, let me introduce the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome.

What are the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome

Symptom 1: diabetic nephropathy, this couple is mainly for people with diabetes for more than 10 years, especially for patients with type 1 diabetes who have not been controlled, there are a lot of proteinuria and nephrotic syndrome, fundus examination has microaneurysms, early renal volume increase, renal plasma flow and glomerular filtration rate increase or normal, late renal function decline .

Symptom 2: Henoch Schonlein purpura nephritis, what is the manifestation of nephrotic syndrome? This kind of nephropathy mainly exists in teenagers, so the main symptoms outside the kidney are purpura, abdominal pain, joint pain and so on.

Symptom 3: systemic lupus erythematosus, lupus nephritis often occurs in women aged 20-40 years old, in which 20% to 50% will present the clinical manifestations of nephrotic syndrome. Most of the patients had fever, rash and joint pain, especially butterfly erythema on the face. Immunoglobulin test was mainly IgG increased. Under the light microscope, except mesangial hyperplasia, the pathological changes were diverse.

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Kidney governs bone and marrow. We all know that if we have deep problems, it will lead to the occurrence of various diseases. Now many people don't know what nephrotic syndrome is. In fact, there are many kinds of manifestations of nephrotic syndrome. The specific situation depends on everyone's physical condition.