How does attention not concentrate giddy to return a responsibility

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There was a period of time before, I always couldn't concentrate at work and felt dizzy. In order not to affect my work, I went to the hospital for examination. The doctor gave me some medicine and I recovered very well. Now let me tell you what happened when I didn't concentrate and dizzy.

How does attention not concentrate giddy to return a responsibility

First: it is related to neurasthenia. Taking Yangxue Qingnao Granule, vitamin B1 and oryzanol has good effect. Scientific diet, active exercise and good mood are the key to recovery. You can take the above drugs, and your above situation can be improved and recovered. In addition to excessive exasperation, the liver Yang is hyperactive, the Yang rises and the wind moves, causing vertigo.

Second: because of long-term depression and anger, qi stagnation and fire, the liver is dark and consumed, the liver Yang is hyperactive, the Yang is rising and the wind is moving, the disturbance is empty, and the hair is dizzy. Improper diet can damage the spleen and stomach. The spleen and stomach are weak. Qi and blood have no source of energy. It can cause vertigo due to the lack of nourishment of the orifices. Or it can cause vertigo due to excessive drinking, fatness, hunger, fatigue, damage to the spleen and stomach, and loss of health and transportation. As a result, the water and grain are not refined, the dampness is gathered to produce phlegm, the dampness is blocked, and the turbid Yin is not lowered. After trauma, surgical head trauma or surgery, qi stagnation and blood stasis, Bi obstruction, clear orifices, dizziness.

Third: deficiency of body, long illness, blood loss, excessive fatigue, kidney is the origin of congenital, storing essence and producing marrow. If there is congenital deficiency, kidney essence is not full, or old kidney is deficient, or kidney is injured due to long illness, or excessive room fatigue, kidney essence is deficient and can not produce marrow. Brain is the sea of marrow, and the sea of marrow is insufficient. Or kidney Yin element deficiency, liver loss, resulting in liver yin deficiency, Yin does not control Yang, liver yang hyperactivity, hair for vertigo.

matters needing attention

If the weather is hot, it's easy to feel dizzy, and it's difficult to concentrate. That is to say, heat stroke is likely to cause the above phenomenon. It's better for patients to stay in bed at home for a period of time to recover as soon as possible.