With what medicine is scald best

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People's skin can respond to the stimulation of the outside world, but in the face of hot water and hot oil is powerless, very easy to burn, and share with you the best medicine for scald.

With what medicine is scald best

Food 1: apply soy sauce or honey, lard, dog oil and ginger juice to the injured area, and all of them will be effective. With egg white, cooked honey or sesame oil, mixed evenly, coated in the injured area, has anti-inflammatory analgesic effect.

Food 2: after scalding the skin of hands and feet, immediately pour the alcohol into the basin or barrel, and immerse the injured part in the alcohol to relieve pain, eliminate redness and prevent blistering. If soaked for 1 ~ 2 hours, the scalded skin can gradually return to normal. If the wound is not easily soaked, use a piece of cotton wool to soak in the Baijiu, remove it and apply it to the wound, and pour the wine on the cotton wool at any time to prevent dryness. Generally, it takes a few hours to see a good effect, basically no pain.

Food 3: after the skin is scalded by oil or boiling water, you can use balm, Wanhua oil or vegetable oil (such as sesame oil) to directly apply on the injured surface. If the skin is not broken, you can generally relieve the pain in 5 minutes.

matters needing attention

Scalded people in life do not eat stimulating food, to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, but also actively participate in physical exercise, keep a good sleep, do not do very tired physical labor, do not rush to take off clothes, it is easy to bring skin.