Development index of seven month old baby

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As the baby grows up, parents should be concerned about the baby's development indicators, because it can see whether the baby's development is normal. So what are the development indicators of seven month old babies? Let's take a look at the development indicators of seven year old babies.

Development index of seven month old baby

Physical development: the body of a seven month old baby has changed a lot compared with that at birth. With the years of precipitation, the baby also gradually grow up. The seven month old baby's physical development indicators are as follows: the seven month old baby's physical development has tended to be flat, and the two front teeth in the middle will report in this month. Mothers will soon find the baby's tender teeth. The seven month old boy weighs between 6.4-10.3kg and has a body length of about 70cm, while the girl weighs between 5.9-9.6kg and has a body length similar to the boy. This is the seven month old baby development indicators of physical development performance.

Language development: seven year olds have begun to actively imitate the voice, so parents must participate in the process of children's language development. So what is the performance of language development in seven month old baby development indicators? The baby can achieve the effect of learning by repeating the actions of syllables, and can skillfully find the sound source, understand the different meanings of different tones and intonations. Seven month old babies are more sensitive to sound and try to talk with you. Therefore, we can teach them some simple words such as "father, mother". If we gradually learn them, we will reach the language development index of seven month old babies.

Movement development: there is another difference in the seven month old baby's development index, which is the movement index in the past. At this time, the baby can still keep sitting position without hand support. Crawling is an important movement indicator when a child begins to learn, and he may have learned how to transfer objects from one hand to the other, rotate and reverse from side to side. It's already quite flexible. And although some children are not able to stand, they can jump up and down when holding them. This is a major breakthrough from lying to standing.

matters needing attention

When the baby grows up to seven months later, it is difficult to meet the growth and development needs of the baby simply by drinking breast milk or milk powder. At this stage, we should not only add a variety of complementary foods, but also make meat and vegetables match, such as starch, protein, vegetables, fruits, fats and so on, which should be properly added to the baby.