Symptoms of beriberi in the elderly

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Beriberi is common in our life. When we have beriberi in our life, we don't think it's a kind of disease. On the contrary, we think it's a kind of symptom. So many people will feel very serious when they have beriberi. Because when this kind of disease appears, the symptoms are different, and the severity is also different. The symptoms of beriberi in the elderly, let me tell you about it.

Symptoms of beriberi in the elderly

The first is blister type beriberi. At this time, the skin lesions will be mainly between the fingers and the fingertips of the arch of the foot. It will be found that there are groups of small blisters that are not easy to break. After drying, they will fall off and some scales will appear. It is easy to relapse in summer.

There is also a symptom of keratotic beriberi, so this one is called scaly keratotic beri. Often on the side of the foot, especially on both sides, the skin lesions will mainly show desquamation. At this time, the skin will be rough and dry, causing pain and itching.

The third is erosive beriberi, also known as impregnation erosive beri. At this time, the skin will be relatively white, so the patient will feel severe itching symptoms, then after friction will cause erosion of the epidermis, there will be a small amount of exudate, and there will be a bad smell.

matters needing attention

1. Should pay attention to the air permeability of shoes and socks, so that the skin of the foot can breathe; 2. Make sure your shoes are the right size and let your feet rest, because excessive pressure on your feet can aggravate sweating; 3. Socks to keep dry, it is best to wear antibacterial socks, the effect is better with aerospace quality, such as Australia's 2XU antibacterial socks, can completely deodorize, long-term wear can avoid the problem of beriberi.