Is Gongyankang granule good for treating chronic pelvic inflammatory disease?

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What symptom does pelvic inflammatory disease have, feel leucorrhea is much before paragraph of time, and the person is very easy tired, went to do an examination, it is pelvic inflammatory disease, is Gong Yankang granule treated chronic pelvic inflammatory disease good? Do you know? Now let's talk about Gongyankang granule in the treatment of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease?.

Is Gongyankang granule good for treating chronic pelvic inflammatory disease?

Treatment 1: physical therapy, warm and benign stimulation can promote local blood circulation in pelvic cavity, improve the nutritional status of tissue, improve metabolism, and facilitate the absorption and regression of inflammation. Short wave ion penetration wax therapy is commonly used. This is one of the treatments for pelvic inflammatory disease.

Treatment 2: surgical treatment, there are masses such as hydrosalpinx or ovarian cyst fallopian tube surgery. This also belongs to the treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease.

Treatment 3: general treatment to relieve patients' ideological concerns, enhance treatment confidence, increase nutrition, exercise, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, improve body resistance. The treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease is more common.

matters needing attention

Strengthening nutrition is one of the common sense of nursing pelvic inflammatory disease. During the period of fever, the diet should be light and easy to digest. Try to avoid frying and baking greasy and too stimulating food.