How does cheekbone big do

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My cheekbones are relatively large, so I don't feel very beautiful as a whole. Unlike other girls, they all have sharp little faces and look very beautiful. So I also want to make my cheekbones smaller, but there is no good way. Now let's learn how to do next zygomatic big.

How does cheekbone big do

Method 1: zygomatic plastic surgery refers to the use of surgical means of zygomatic plastic surgery, in order to achieve the purpose of restoring deformity or improving face, zygomatic plastic recovery time is a very important period, if the nursing is not good, it will directly affect the effect, so zygomatic plastic postoperative nursing can not be ignored.

Method 2: in addition to one kind of facial surgery, there are many kinds of osteotomy. Besides reducing the width of cheek, the biggest purpose of zygomatic reduction surgery is to improve the visual effect, that is, to increase the three-dimensional sense, which is also the cosmetic effect of zygomatic reduction surgery.

Method 3: zygomatic reduction surgery is simple and very fine, the doctor's requirements are relatively high, there is no certain experience and aesthetic doctors can not do it. In general, surgeons should choose experienced, aesthetic, honest and responsible plastic surgeons. This will greatly increase the safety factor and surgical effect of cosmetic surgery.

matters needing attention

If the zygomatic bone is too wide, it can be treated by operation now. Although this problem can be easily solved, any operation has certain risks. The beauty seekers must pay attention to this point and try to choose a regular hospital for operation.