What branch does chronic nephritis hang

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In my daily life, I pay more attention to maintenance, but recently, the symptoms of body edema are better. Recently, I went to the hospital off duty to have an examination and found that it is caused by chronic nephritis. Do you want to know about the problem of chronic nephritis? Now let me tell you.

What branch does chronic nephritis hang

First of all: nephritis should go to medical examination, nephritis is due to kidney inherent cell damage, caused by varying degrees of renal dysfunction of a group of kidney disease. The clinical manifestations were diverse, including proteinuria, hematuria, hypertension and edema.

Second: Generally speaking, kidney damage is mild, only proteinuria, occult blood and other symptoms, this stage of treatment is relatively easy. Chronic nephritis is generally treated with western medicine. Proteinuria and occult blood are easy to be controlled within a certain period of time, but they are also easy to relapse under common cold and infection.

Finally: biotechnology has achieved a qualitative leap in the field of nephrotic treatment, directly affecting the lesion tissue of glomerular basement membrane injury from multiple angles, and repairing glomerular basement membrane at the same time.

matters needing attention

For patients with chronic nephritis, we must find and treat it early to avoid delaying the treatment of the disease. At present, there is a mature therapy that can fundamentally repair the damaged kidney cells, so as to improve the quality of life of uremic patients, get rid of dialysis and kidney replacement, and reduce the treatment cost to the greatest extent.