What cancer is uterine position hard lump?

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Uterine cancer is a gynecological disease, which often occurs in menopause and menopause. It is a malignant tumor in female volunteers. Suffering from uterine cancer if active treatment can be cured, so once patients feel uncomfortable, they must go to the hospital in time for diagnosis and treatment.

What cancer is uterine position hard lump?

Cervical lumps are not necessarily suffering from uterine cancer, but also can not be taken lightly. Cervical mass is generally tumor and polyp, in sexual intercourse will often to this lump, increased the risk of lesions. So once the uterus has a hard mass, but also to go to the hospital in time to check, to avoid deterioration.

Uterine cancer has no obvious symptoms at the beginning. After a period of time, the patient's vagina will produce pain. The menstruation of the non menopausal patients will increase, and the menopausal patients will have a small amount of vaginal bleeding. In addition, the patient's vagina will also discharge white liquid, in the middle and late stage, these liquid will emit a stench, seriously affecting the patient's daily life.

The treatment of cervical cancer includes surgical resection, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine. In the early stage, it was mainly treated by surgery, and in the middle and late stage, it was mainly treated by chemotherapy, supplemented by traditional Chinese medicine. The specific method of treatment as long as follow the doctor's advice.

matters needing attention

Of course, during the treatment, patients should also pay attention to regulating their daily life and eating habits. We must not stay up late and go to bed on time. Diet should be light, avoid spicy and greasy food, eat more fruits and vegetables, usually also drink more water, can flush the intestines and vagina. In short, the uterus is an important organ of the female body, we must maintain it, if suffering from uterine cancer do not worry too much, maintain an optimistic and cheerful attitude, actively accept treatment, we will be able to cure.