What are the symptoms of autism?

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Autism is a headache topic for parents in recent years. Autism is really terrible. If it is serious, it can endanger life. So we have to pay attention to this problem. What are the symptoms of autism? How should we prevent the occurrence of autism in childhood? What are the symptoms of autism? Next, I'd like to share my views with you.

What are the symptoms of autism?

Because of the lack of learning to understand the interpersonal relationship between oneself and others and the basic cognitive problems of the society, from childhood, there will be ignoring people, not looking at people, lack of reaction to people, not afraid of strangers, not easy to establish family relationship with relatives, lack of imitation learning of ordinary children, and unable to play with children, It's difficult to understand other people's emotions and feelings, not to express their feelings in a way that ordinary people can accept.

Autistic patients will have a great degree of difficulty in understanding other people's language, body movements, and various ways of behavior. About 50% of autistic children have no communicative language; Autistic children with language often show parrot like imitation, imitation of other people's speech, pronoun inversion, wrong answer, lack of voice change and other characteristics.

Autistic patients often have some different habits or play methods from other children, such as the route they must take when they go out, the fixed habits of clothing, food, housing and transportation, narrow and special interests, monotonous play methods, lack of change, fixed environment layout, etc. if there is a slight change, they can't accept it, resist and cry.

matters needing attention

Let the children participate in group activities as much as possible, including games and homework invited by neighbor children; It includes the cultural and sports activities organized by schools and classes; Including congratulating students on their birthdays, sending off teachers and so on. Experience friendship, wisdom and warmth from collective activities.