How does Chinese medicine of cheek long blain recuperate

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Recently, the face always grow a big acne, hard, light press will feel a little pain, for patients with this disease should be treated as soon as possible, now I will tell you about the cheek acne how Chinese medicine recuperate this problem.

How does Chinese medicine of cheek long blain recuperate

First: long term acne, the body's internal toxins did not get timely cleaning, to use some antibiotics to treat, usually oral anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics, can alleviate acne, eliminate inflammation, but pay attention not to use drugs containing tetracycline, antibiotic use time can not be too long.

Second: acne can cause skin inflammation and swelling, especially in the face. Long term exposure to the sun can also cause skin dryness and peeling, which is easy to be allergic. It is recommended to use some cool and anti-inflammatory Chinese herbal medicine for external application, which can eliminate skin redness and swelling, and prevent skin damage and infection.

Third: acne can seriously affect the beauty, many women are afraid of affecting the appearance, often use their hands to crush acne and acne, which can easily lead to skin inflammation, but also easy to leave scars. Avoid touching and scratching with hands after application. Do not use any skin care products, cosmetics, to avoid skin pores clogging, acne aggravation.

matters needing attention

When you have acne on your face, don't worry, but remember, don't buckle it with your hands. Because the hands contain the most bacteria, if the face of acne button rotten, the hands of bacteria will easily infect the wound. At the same time, it will leave scars and even affect life.