Can advanced gastric cancer be completely cured

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My stomach is always painful. After I went to the hospital for examination, I really suffered from gastric cancer, and the doctor said it was in the advanced stage. In fact, the symptoms of gastric cancer in the early stage were not obvious, and I didn't find them. Now, I feel very sorry. Let's talk about whether the advanced gastric cancer can be cured!

Can advanced gastric cancer be completely cured

First: the possibility of radical cure of advanced gastric cancer is very small, the cure rate is very low, but the patient friends should not be too pessimistic, and actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment, only in this way can effectively control the disease and relieve the patient's pain, extend the patient's life, but the patient must be optimistic and actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment.

Second: although advanced gastric cancer may not be cured, but still can not give up, patients can choose surgical treatment, through surgery to inhibit the proliferation and growth of cancer cells, so to a certain extent can alleviate the disease and the patient's pain, and patients can also be treated with surgery at the same time with the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, such as Polyporus umbellatus, mingdangshen for the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine Gastric cancer is very effective.

Third: usually patients should pay more attention to rest, not tired, to maintain the pleasure of the mood, at the same time, patients should pay attention to try not to eat greasy food, spicy food, during the treatment, it is best to eat liquid food, can eat more tofu, honey, mung bean, duck, turtle and other such food.

matters needing attention

After suffering from gastric cancer, the usual diet must be careful, not to eat too hot food, must be warm after eating, also can't eat too cold food, for the stomach is also a kind of damage, the best light diet, don't eat onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, stimulation is too big, for the stomach is not good.