What reason is pregnant right abdomen painful?

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During pregnancy, if a woman has symptoms of physical discomfort, she should be given reasonable treatment, and can choose to use oral fetal protection drugs for treatment. Some women are about six months pregnant, if they have symptoms of pain in the right lower abdomen, they may also have serious pressure, so they should pay attention to physical care, Proper exercise is better for health. If there is fetal movement, frequent or severe, it may lead to abdominal pain, so don't worry too much.

What reason is pregnant right abdomen painful?

Many women during pregnancy, because do not pay attention to physical care, may also cause abdominal pain, so usually should eat more seasonal vegetables and fruits, usually pay more attention to rest, do not overwork, pain is more serious, should be checked in time.

The phenomenon of right lower abdominal pain in six months of pregnancy may be caused by the enlargement of the uterus. Don't worry too much about this phenomenon. After a short rest, it will obviously reduce. If the symptoms are obvious, you should go to the hospital for physical examination in time to prevent the harm caused by the fetus.

Pregnant about six months appeared serious abdominal pain, should have a good sense of self-care, can choose routine gynecological examination method to judge the condition, if there is gynecological inflammation, will cause abdominal pain and physical fatigue symptoms, if there is appendicitis may also cause abdominal pain symptoms.

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Women usually pay more attention to physical care, if there is a serious right abdominal pain during pregnancy, according to the cause of different patients with reasonable treatment, the cause of induction is more complex, may also be due to false uterine contraction or appendicitis caused by this phenomenon, the best should be targeted conditioning.