What does mole sores look like in the early stage?

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Hemorrhoids are very common, especially a lot of people will suffer from external hemorrhoids. For women, they are more likely to suffer from this kind of multiple diseases, which requires us to know more about the early pictures of external hemorrhoids, and then we can find the disease in time. What we will mainly introduce is the early appearance of nevus?

What does mole sores look like in the early stage?

1、 Inflammatory external hemorrhoids: for inflammatory external hemorrhoids, the symptoms that women will have are burning pain and itching in the anus, especially after defecation, and after excessive activity, the symptoms will be aggravated.

2、 Thrombotic external hemorrhoids: if a female's external hemorrhoids belong to thrombotic external hemorrhoids, then the initial picture of female external hemorrhoids is after defecation or exertion, a round or oval mass will suddenly appear under the skin of anal margin, and the female patients will feel abnormal pain, especially when they move or defecate, At the same time, there is a feeling of foreign body in the lower part of rectum and anus, which hinders walking and restlessness. For the mass, the color is slightly dark, sometimes purplish red, slightly hard and obvious tenderness.

3、 External hemorrhoids of connective tissue: if the external hemorrhoids of women belong to external hemorrhoids of connective tissue, the initial picture of external hemorrhoids of women is external hemorrhoids of connective tissue. If there is no inflammation, the feeling of female patients is that there is a foreign body sensation in the local area, and it is not easy to clean the anus after defecation. At this time, there will be a small amount of secretion and feces accumulation, If it stimulates the anus, eczema and itching can occur.

matters needing attention

In fact, different kinds of pictures are different in the initial stage, which requires women to understand some of the different categories in life. However, for pictures of external hemorrhoids, the most obvious feeling of women is that the anal part will appear prominent.