What are the specific symptoms of vitiligo

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Two months ago, I had a white spot on my finger. Recently, I found that the white spot was large. I went to the hospital for examination and said it was vitiligo. My body has always been very healthy. How can I get this disease? Now let's take a look at the specific symptoms of vitiligo.

What are the specific symptoms of vitiligo

First, irregular white plaques of different sizes, single or multiple, the area of white plaques gradually expanded and the number increased. Generally speaking, the white spot of vitiligo and normal skin boundary is clear, but if it is in progress, the edge of the white spot can also be shown as blurred, some can appear around the white spot a color boundary between the normal skin and the white spot diffusion halo ring.

Second: the hair in white spots can be white, normal or black and white; generally speaking, the surface of white spots is smooth, without scales or scabs, and the sensory and secretory functions are normal. But there are also a few patients feel itchy at the white spot, which can be seen when the white spot develops and takes effect; melanin particles can absorb ultraviolet light, melanin particles in the white spot area reduce, and the white spot is more sensitive to sunlight, and it turns red when exposed to the sun.

Third: the performance of progressive vitiligo is that the boundary between the lesion site and normal skin is blurred, the number of white spots is in a transitional state, the area increases, and the color of white spots will become deeper and deeper with the extension of time. The white spots of patients with progressive vitiligo are always developing continuously, and new white spots will appear in the normal skin area, and the color of white spots will gradually change from the initial stage Light white to cloud white, pure white.

matters needing attention

In fact, vitiligo is not a particularly difficult disease to treat, as long as the patient can actively cooperate with the doctor, and then a reasonable diet. The condition will definitely improve, at the beginning of the skin white spots may start local peeling, is not particularly serious. Generally speaking, as long as the white spots fade, there are signs of improvement.