How is infantile cough phlegm much to return a responsibility

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In modern society, people pay more attention to their health, cough phlegm is a common symptom of respiratory diseases, sputum is secreted by our respiratory tract mucus, sputum needs to be discharged through cough, which can play a role in keeping the respiratory tract unobstructed and clean, if the sputum in the respiratory tract can not be discharged, some diseases will be difficult to cure What's the matter with children's cough and phlegm? Let me talk about it.

How is infantile cough phlegm much to return a responsibility

First: because children's resistance and immunity are relatively weak, they are more prone to feel cold and some respiratory diseases than adults. If there is a lot of sticky sputum in the child's throat that can't cough out, there will be a snoring sound, the child will look very uncomfortable, and the child's face will be red.

Second: there are many reasons for children's cough, such as lung heat cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, lung dry cough, etc. Cough is the manifestation of inflammation, generally due to the poor resistance of children, inflammation and other reasons, we should pay great attention to timely treatment.

Third: children cough can also be divided into internal injury cough and exogenous cough, different types of cough treatment methods are completely different, we must distinguish in the treatment, internal injury cough can eat some conditioning spleen and stomach, Lung Qi food, exogenous cold cough can let children eat some can cough phlegm, warm food.

matters needing attention

Coughing is a kind of protective reflex action of our body, which can prevent foreign bodies from inhaling, prevent the accumulation of bronchial secretions, and help sputum out of the body. Our parents should give their children medicine under the guidance of the doctor.