Symptoms of invisible coronary heart disease

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Recessive coronary heart disease is one of the five types of coronary heart disease. It is also called silent myocardial ischemia coronary heart disease. The reason why it is called recessive coronary heart disease is that it has almost no clinical symptoms. The most obvious symptom of coronary heart disease in clinic is the feeling of angina pectoris. However, if suffering from recessive coronary heart disease, many patients will not have angina pectoris in clinic, even if they have no feeling of angina pectoris. But patients will still have coronary artery occlusion.

Symptoms of invisible coronary heart disease

Therefore, if you are one of the high-risk groups, it is recommended to go to the hospital for an examination. You can do a simple ECG or do a radionuclide myocardial imaging. Take a look at whether you have coronary heart disease, if you have coronary heart disease, take medicine in time to control the disease.

Clinically, the incidence rate of recessive coronary heart disease is not particularly high. Most of the patients are angina pectoris. Once the onset of the disease is diagnosed, the middle-aged and the elderly are a high incidence of coronary heart disease. Especially those with high blood pressure and diabetes are more likely to get coronary heart disease.

It is precisely because recessive coronary heart disease will not appear in clinical symptoms of angina pectoris, so there are often many patients with recessive coronary heart disease do not know that they have heart disease. Although the patient does not have symptoms of angina pectoris, it has the same chance of sudden cardiac death and myocardial infarction as patients with angina pectoris.

matters needing attention

If you want to prevent coronary heart disease, you must develop good living habits. First of all, you can't smoke, because smoking is a cause of coronary heart disease. In addition, you must insist on low salt, low fat and low sugar diet.