How does woman menstruation color return a responsibility black

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Menstruation is the cycle of women's physiology. Some symptoms during menstruation also reflect some of our physical conditions. If there is proper conditioning during menstruation, it will improve our body properly. Therefore, female compatriots must attach great importance to irregular menstruation. Menstrual blackness belongs to irregular menstruation, which is a common gynecological disease. Menstrual blackness is mainly caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis. Menstrual blackness occurs when menstrual blood is accumulated in the uterus for a long time.

How does woman menstruation color return a responsibility black

First: during menstruation, we should have a correct nursing method to better protect our health. Menstrual period must keep the spirit happy, avoid emotional fluctuations and stimulation, individual will have abdominal distension in menstrual period, breast pain, easy to fatigue and other phenomena are normal.

Second: we should pay attention to hygiene and prevent infection. We must not stay in the same room during menstruation. We should pay attention to the hygiene of external genitalia. We should frequently change sanitary napkins when there is a large amount of money. We should choose soft cotton underwear with good ventilation. We should wash and change them frequently. We can dry the underwear in the sun to kill bacteria.

Third: menstruation should not eat raw and cold, hot and sour and other stimulating food. Drink plenty of boiled water to keep your stool unobstructed. Pay attention to the reasonable collocation of diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, and those with deficiency of Qi and blood should increase more nutritive substances, such as milk, eggs, soymilk, etc. Menstruation can be appropriate for walking, not strenuous exercise.

matters needing attention

If it is a woman with dysmenorrhea, it is best to eat less apples during dysmenorrhea, do not eat raw and cold fruits, the more Ji blood do not eat brown sugar, brown sugar is blood. Eat less fat, animal oil and sweets, do not drink some steamy drinks.