What are the treatment methods of renal failure? We should pay attention to the examination!

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In our daily life, this disease is too common, renal failure is because the kidney is not good, we should be very clear in our hearts, kidney deficiency and other reasons, have you ever heard a word "sex happiness" is to eat out, we often keep in good health, through diet to "invigorate Yang and kidney", but which food can really achieve the function of invigorating yang and kidney? In fact, many people are not particularly aware of the following I put the treatment of renal failure, which should pay attention to check! Let me tell you this.

What are the treatment methods of renal failure? We should pay attention to the examination!

First, drink a proper amount of water. When there is no edema and a large amount of urine in the early stage, we should drink more water to facilitate the excretion of protein metabolites such as urea. Late urine volume is little, when having oedema, should press everyday discharge to increase 500 ml, lest aggravate oedema.

Second: keep enough heat. Eat polysaccharide, multivitamin, low protein, salt free or low salt food. Common foods are: rice, noodles, vermicelli, lotus root powder, glucose, honey, juice, fructose, sucrose and so on.

Third: comprehensive supplement of vitamins to promote toxicant metabolism. It is better to choose foods with high content of B vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin E, as well as vegetables and fruits with low potassium and phosphorus, such as cabbage, celery, spinach, cabbage, grape, watermelon, tomato, etc.

matters needing attention

Affected by renal failure, the heat in the body of patients will be affected and need to be supplemented in time. However, it should be noted that this is to limit the amount of protein intake at the same time to supplement, can eat more high calorie and very low protein food to supplement.