How to check fatty liver

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After I went to the hospital for examination, I said that I had fatty liver. I ran here and there in the hospital and checked many times. In order to make everyone less unjust in the future, I will share with you what examinations I have done in the hospital.

How to check fatty liver

Method 1: liver function test: liver test is one of the main ways to detect fatty liver, the liver function of patients with fatty liver is often abnormal. Liver function test mainly includes five standards: 1, alanine aminotransferase 2, aspartate aminotransferase 3, total bilirubin 4, direct bilirubin 5, indirect bilirubin. If the values of five items in the liver examination results are beyond the normal range, it means that the liver has been damaged, and measures should be actively taken for treatment.

Method 2: blood lipid examination: fatty liver patients often have increased blood lipid content, manifested as hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia, about 50% of hyperlipidemia patients can have liver fat infiltration. Therefore, elevated alanine aminotransferase combined with hyperlipidemia is the most valuable index for the diagnosis of fatty liver.

Method 3: B-ultrasound examination: B-ultrasound is one of the important means to detect fatty liver. When the total amount of fat in the liver exceeds 30%, it can be detected by B-ultrasound. In the B-ultrasound examination, when the fatty liver tissue reaches 10%, the real-time ultrasound image can be abnormal. If the fatty liver tissue reaches 30-50%, the ultrasound can accurately diagnose and actively take treatment measures.

matters needing attention

1. No alcohol, no smoking. 2. Low fat, low sugar and low salt diet: choose skimmed milk, choose vegetable oil as far as possible when cooking, eat less animal viscera, fat meat, fish roe, brain and other foods with high fat and cholesterol, eat less fried and fried food, and eat less sweets.