Where is the best hospital for acne?

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I am 21 years old this year. How did I grow acne all over my face recently? But now my condition has been controlled by treatment. What's the best hospital for acne? Let me tell you.

Where is the best hospital for acne?

The first method: for lighter acne, the main treatment is topical ointment. Commonly used are: vitamin A acid gel, various kinds of antibiotic ointment, peroxide benzoyl ointment, etc., can promote the dissolution and discharge of acne, while inhibiting Propionibacterium acnes and accelerating acne healing.

The second method: if the symptoms are severe, oral medication is needed, such as antibiotics, isotretinoin, glucocorticoids, etc. For women with premenstrual acne aggravation, anti androgen drug Diane-35 can be used.

The third method: don't use your hands to squeeze acne, don't use oil cosmetics, don't use ointment for external use, some steroid hormone ointment for external use, otherwise it will cause steroid induced acne, and don't use bromine and iodine drugs, otherwise it will cause verrucous papules and proliferative acne.

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When suffering from acne, we must immediately go to the hospital for treatment, only active treatment, maintain facial hygiene and cleanliness, acne will gradually recover to health, I hope we don't eat spicy food, I wish you good health, early recovery!